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Matt Fay

Matt Fay, Software Developer

Matt started programming at a young age after a friend introduced him to HackThisSite. He jumped into learning web development (as recommended by HTS) and tinkering in other areas of technology. Primarily a Node.js/JavaScript developer, he's currently employed at a data-driven marketing company, working with C#/.NET.

He is the founder of JavaScript Today and works with it as much as he can in his free time, and is also open to contract work, whether it's software related or technical writing. Get in touch below.

Skills: JavaScript (Node, React, jQuery, etc.), HTML, CSS, C#, .NET, Git, GNU/Linux

Brian Redfern

Brian Redfern, Senior Web Developer

Brian is a Senior Web Developer with over two decades of experience in the ever-evolving realm of web development. Beginning his journey in 2000 with PHP and MySQL, he has honed his skills to the point where PHP feels like second nature, with a special penchant for Symfony when crafting new applications.

Brian also works with TypeScript, Vue.js, and Lit. His repertoire also includes extensive work with Django/Python, and vanilla JavaScript, showcasing his adaptability and commitment and keeping his skillset sharp.

Skills: PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, Python

Robert Mihai

Robert Mihai, Software Developer

Hi. I am Robert. I like using different technologies and libraries to make software. My goto language is JavaScript, but I like trying out different libraries and languages as it gives me a broader perspective on programming. I like talking with people about code, and learning and sharing insights about different topics related to technology. My main goal is to build software that people enjoy using which solves their problems.