Gift Ideas for Developers and Tech Geeks

As the holiday season approaches, you may be wondering what gifts to get the developer in your life. Developers are unique creatures. They like all sorts of gadgets and gizmos that help us streamline our work or just spark our curiosity. Whether it’s a sleek new keyboard that clicks just right or a subscription to a coding tutorial service, finding something that aligns with their tech interests can make their holiday season truly special.

This list contains at least one item that every developer would enjoy (although we think they’d enjoy all of them!) Perhaps you’re eyeing something for yourself too. That’s okay too. We’ve curated an exceptional list of gift ideas that we adore—all for the developer in your life or for your own delight. Let’s get to them.


You probably already know this, but developers are nerds. It’s not a secret. We simply love books. You might pick some books from our essential reading list, or simply choose a few at your nearest bookstore.

Rasberry Pi Starter Kit

The first item on our list is a rasberry pi, because… who doesn’t like a good pi? 😉 Seriously, there’s so much that can be explored or built with the rasberry pi, from smart mirrors, to media servers, learning assembly code, and so much more.

Every developer would be delighted to receive one as a gift.

Mechanical Keyboard

Click. Click. Click.

If there’s one thing a certain percentage of developers enjoy, it’s the auditory noises their keyboards make.

Why do developers enjoy mechanical keyboards? What sets mechanical keyboards apart from their membrane counterparts?

Their construction.

Unlike traditional keyboards that utilize a rubber or silicone membrane to register keystrokes, mechanical keyboards employ individual mechanical switches beneath each key. These switches are designed for durability, responsiveness, and a satisfying tactile or auditory feedback upon pressing.

Mechanical eyboards can be fairly expensive, or affordable. Whichever one you get, we’re sure your developer friend will highly appreciate the gift.

Developer Socks

Yup. You read that right. How about a pair of binary socks for the developer in your life?

They’ll be sure to flaunt these as they type away on their mechanical keyboard.

Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Not only is this a fantastic gift, it’s also super helpful for saving the health of a developer’s eyeballs. We stare at computer monitors all day, causing strain on our eyes.

Consider blue light blocking glasses – a practical solution for prolonged screen exposure. These glasses, designed to filter out the potentially harmful blue light emitted by screens, offer a range of helpful benefits.

By reducing eye strain and discomfort, they enable developers to work for longer periods with increased focus and potentially heightened productivity. Additionally, these glasses may aid in improving sleep quality by minimizing the disruptive effects of blue light on the body’s natural sleep cycle, making them a thoughtful choice for both eye care and enhanced work performance.

When choosing a pair, opt for comfortable, stylish frames that suit the recipient’s preferences, ensuring a valuable and caring addition to their workspace.

Noise Cancelling Headphones

Developers often seek solace in uninterrupted concentration while coding or debugging intricate lines of software.

Noise-cancelling headphones utilize advanced technology to block out ambient sounds, allowing developers to immerse themselves fully in their tasks without distractions.

These headphones not only offer a shield against bustling office chatter or background noise but also serve as a gateway to enhanced productivity, enabling coders to delve deeper into their work with heightened focus. When selecting a pair, prioritize comfort, audio quality, and battery life to ensure a seamless and enjoyable experience, making noise-cancelling headphones an exceptional and thoughtful gift choice for any developer’s workspace.

If you know the developer in question doesn’t like to listen to music while working, consider noise cancelling ear plugs instead (my preference).

Learning Subscriptions

Developers love to learn, it’s a part of our job. A great gift for a developer might be a subscription to Zero to Mastery or even Leetcode.

There are a ton of subscription based platforms out there to choose from, such as the two above, or from the list below.

A Luxury Pen

Yes, we type all day, but developers love to write things down. A good pen is a gift that someone would keep for a very long time. I may be biased, but I received a beautiful pen as a gift years ago, and I still use it daily.

A Rocketbook

I was gifted one of these notebooks from a coworker (thanks, Marcus!). Before then, I had no idea something like this existed. It’s essentially a reuseable notebook, which allows you to take pictures of your notes (via the app), and upload them digitally – and neatly – to the cloud.

This is, without a doubt, one of the coolest things I’ve seen. It’s worth getting as a gift to someone else, as well as for yourself.


As you can see, the gift options for developers are as diverse as the code we craft.

From tools that enhance productivity to those that prioritize comfort and well-being, each gift serves as a testament to the thoughtful consideration for a developer’s work and lifestyle. Whether it’s a sleek mechanical keyboard for precision and durability, blue light blocking glasses for eye comfort, or noise-cancelling headphones for undisturbed focus, these gifts are more than just tools – they’re companions in the journey toward efficient coding, innovation, and a healthier work environment.

So, as you ponder the perfect gift for the developer in your life, remember that your choice isn’t just a present; it’s an investment in their passion, productivity, and overall well-being.

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. However, we only recommend products that we have personally found interesting and/or have used ourselves. We may receive a (very) small commission if you purchase any of the products from this list (at no additional cost to you).

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